HRC Lamp Limited

HRC Lamps Limited (HRCLL) is the pre-eminent manufacturer of electric light bulbs in the country. HRCLL was incorporated in 1998 with the aim of becoming a respected lighting brand and a leader in the industry. HRCLL has manufacturing bases at the HRC Industrial Estate, Savar, Bangladesh.

The primary purpose of HRCLL is to produce and serve CFL and GSL lamps to meet growing local demand. HRCLL’s core competitive advantage is subject to strong production capacity and sound manufacturing system. HRCLL has also developed its advance production and testing centers and many years’ professional experiences in providing high quality lighting products to the domestic customers. HRCLL is now one of the largest manufacturing enterprises in domestic lighting industry.

In 2014, HRCLL has started its new venture with Philips India as an authorized manufacturer of Philips GLS & CFL lamps for Bangladesh market. Since then HRCLL is manufacturing and distributing Philips Branded GLS & CFL by maintaining the strict Quality Management System (QMS) of global brand “Philips” throughout its production process.

Philips and HRC branded lights are marketed and sold under the governance of HRC Lighting Limited & HRC Product Limited as lighting distribution and sales projects around the country. Currently HRC Lighting Limited has 100 potential distributors all over the country to sell lighting products.